Open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

Donations are gratefully accepted on Mondays 11am-7pm

1801 Reynolds Ave. Unit B, North Charleston


Our Commitment

is to bring quality thrift goods that will create environmental, social, and personal impact to the lowcountry.

Our Impact

When you shop with us, you are helping fund the mission of We Are Family, while also reducing waste and pollution in the environment by choosing to shop reused gently used clothes.

Our Mission

is to provide a safe and positive shopping experience though our carefully curated selection, while providing resources for the mission of We Are Family.

About Us

What started out at a dream for We are Family in 1995 has now become a reality. We Are Family has been working for many years to have a space to host their empowering groups for the LGBT youth of the lowcountry. Now, We Are family has a space in the up and coming Reynolds Avenue area. This space houses Closet Case Thrift Store, a program that provides financial support for the programmatic and operational needs of We Are Family, while offering a unique shopping experience for anyone under any budget. Shopping and giving back to the community, it doesn’t get any better than this! Closet Case Thrift is the only LGBT owned and operated thrift store in the Charleston area.

When you walk into Closet Case Thrift Store, you are walking into a safe, judge free space with positive vibes spread all around. In this gender natural space, you are free to shop for your true self through a selection of carefully curated items that range from high end to vintage to trend styles.

We are 100% donations run. People of the community are encouraged to donated gently used clothes and items to Closet Case.


By shopping gently used items you are helping lower the waste and pollution that is created in the process of making new items.


We are changing the way people think when shopping. When shopping second hand, you can find trendy styles and unique items. Plus, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe.


When you shop at Closet Case Thrift, you are going to leave looking AMAZING! Our staff is trained to make sure you find what you are looking for. You betta werk your lerk from Closet Case Thrift!

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