Trans Love Fund

Trans Love Fund


The Trans Love Fund (TLF) was founded in October of 2013, following We Are Family’s annual Spirit Day event. The keynote speaker for the event was Laverne Cox, and the program was dedicated entirely to trans issues and awareness. Another speaker, a young local trans girl known as Jaimie, spoke about her struggles as her insurance company had recently stopped paying for her puberty suppressants.  She was on the verge of male puberty, and this took a toll on her mental wellbeing.  

After hearing this story, the Trans Love Fund sprang into existence to gather the funds necessary to pay for her puberty suppressants.  Through the generosity of the Charleston community and two fundraising events, TLF raised enough money to pay for her medication for a critical 6 month period.  Shortly after, she found relief in a new insurance program that continues to pay for her puberty suppressants to this day.

These days, the Trans Love Fund focuses on providing micro-grants to trans identified and gender non-conforming individuals in South Carolina for medical, legal, and emergency expenses. By buying this shirt, you are supporting We Are Family continue the work of the Trans Love Fund!

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