The Charleston Queer Prom 2019: Enchanted

The Charleston Queer Prom 2019: Enchanted

We Are Family is proud to present The Charleston Queer Prom 2019 for youth. This year’s prom theme is “Enchanted.” Come dressed in full fairytale realness or your prom best. Register here!

Why Queer Prom? Many schools want all girls to wear prom dresses and all the boys to wear tuxedos. We know that for some gay, lesbian, transgender and gender expansive youth don’t fit these molds when it comes to self expression. Additionally, many students are bullied in school and have to be home-schooled, so they miss their prom, or maybe their prom experience through their school is not so LGBT-affirming. However, at the Charleston Queer Prom, you are welcomed to dance the night away and bring whomever you want and wear whatever you want! This is your night to enjoy prom to the fullest! The only requirement is to have fun!

Enjoy treats by professional chefs, sip on our signature mocktails, create magical crafts, and explore our enchanted rainbow forest.

This event is open to all middle and high school student and registration is required, however you may register at the door. Skip the line and register here for your FREE ticket here! Straight allies are welcome to attend!


I am shy and get social anxiety, is this event right for me?
-YES! We offer a spacespace for EVERYONE! We will have a section where you can enjoy prom night at a quite and relaxing way.

Can my mom or dad come?
-Sorry, no moms or dads allowed.

I have a special diet, will there be vegan or gluten free food at prom?
-YES! We will offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Is it safe to come to Queer Prom?
-ABSOLUTELY! We provide a safespace and judge free zone for all. There will also be security on site.

I want to come to Queer Prom, but I am not out yet and I don’t want my picture taken. Will there be any photographers I need to worry about?
-Yes! There will be photographers taking photos of this magical night, HOWEVER if you wish to not have your photo taken, you will be given a special bracelet to let our staff know that you do not consent to have your photo taken.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
-Yes! You MUST be in middle or highschool to attend Queer Prom. If your date is in college, they will NOT be allowed in. Please bring your school ID as well, if you do not have a school ID, please contact us ASAP.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
-Parking is limited. You may park across the street at Food Lion, however we encourage people to use UBER or LYFT, or have your parents drop you off.

Who can I contact with any questions?
-For more info contact us at (843) 637-9379 or