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Next Volunteer Training Date: October 3rd, 6-8pm. Sign up here.

Become a volunteer

As a grassroots non-profit, We Are Family relies heavily on volunteers to make it all happen.

Dunn Woods & Robin Smith tabling at a We Are Family event

Dunn Woods & Robin Smith tabling at a We Are Family event

There are many ways you can volunteer and show your support for WAF. Share time, skills, connections, knowledge; all is welcome and appreciated. Apply to be a volunteer and you’ll have access to our current volunteer opportunities as well as updates on projects, events, and happenings.

Note: All adult volunteers must pass a background check

General Volunteer Opportunities & Details

Please Note: All listed volunteer opportunities are not always available. The posting of volunteer opportunities is based on the current needs of We Are Family.

  • Community Presence & Outreach (Event Tabling, Flyering, Fundraising, etc)

    WAF works to maintain a consistent and positive relationship with the the communities we serve. One of the ways we stay connected, recruit new members, and raise funds is by having a presence at community events and tabling, which is a time for volunteers to share their experiences working with WAF and encourage people to get involved by promoting WAF’s mission, programs, and events!

  • Professional Skills, Manual Labor, & Teachable Skills

    WAF is always appreciative of volunteers who offer us their skills! Sometimes our projects require basic labor like moving items, cleaning, putting together furniture, etc. Skills can also include hobbies that you would like to teach youth, such as drawing, crochet, improv, etc. If you have specific ideas of how you’d like to contribute, email Depending on what our current needs are, we will contact you about some aspect of your expertise.

  • Provide Meals for Peer Discussion Group Meeting

    WAF currently holds three peer discussion groups (refer to program page) and in each group we feed the youth. We are always looking for food donations for our groups.

    WAF appreciates:

    • donations of simple foods to eat and snacks

    • home-cooked meals that are easy to serve and eat

    • being provided contacts to restaurants that would be willing to provide food donations or volunteers reaching out to restaurants to ask them to donate food

    • monetary donations to cover the cost of food for one or more group sessions

  • Closet Case Thrift Store

    Occasionally we need folxs to help run the store and help out at weekend markets. This assistance can range from store promotion, sorting, and cleaning to running the store when staff have to attend other events or are out of town. Training for managing the store is simple. If you are helpful and enjoy customer service this is for you!

  • SafeSpace Volunteer

    Group volunteers help support the functioning of youth-led spaces and programming. Typically, SafeSpace volunteers assist with miscellaneous tasks and keep basic order in group sessions. The meetings are facilitated by the Program Director, Cora Webb. Volunteers who have completed the volunteer training and have undergone a background check can email Cora Webb at to discuss sitting in on a session and developing activities for youth.

Have questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

SerVE on our board of directors

We Are Family relies on its board to steer us as an organization towards our goals. The board contributes to organizational planning, public relations, resource allocation, and overall development. With their insight and oversight, and foresight, We Are Family retains a clear idea of what we are and what we do.

Note: All Board applicants must pass a background check

For more information, contact us at