Coming Out

  • Don’t come out if doing so could put you in danger of losing your home and support system, or if there is a threat of physical harm.

  • If you do come out, or if you get outed, have a place to stay if you get kicked out of your home.

  • Have a system of supportive friends and/or family to turn to in case things go badly.

  • Come out when it feels right for you, and don’t let anyone pressure you. If it keeps coming up in your head, come out to a good friend or someone who makes you feel comfortable first. Don’t be ashamed of who you are!

  • To find out a person’s opinion of LGBT people, bring up LGBT issues in casual conversation and see how they react. If they express support for the LGBT community, they are more likely to react positively to your coming out.

  • Do your research! Find out what resources are available and be prepared to share those resources with the person to whom you’re coming out (,,, Check out HRC’s Coming Out Resource Guide.

  • Remember that, just because you’re questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity doesn’t mean you’re gay or transgender. Discovering your identity can be a long process, so don’t rush to figure it out or feel pressured to label yourself. Keep an open mind and know that if you fall under the LGBT umbrella, you are loved and normal. You are not alone!

  • Be yourself, but try not to be obnoxious or inferior to others. Now that you are out, be happy and confident! If someone makes a rude comment about you, try not to take it personally. Remember, that those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.