Tips for Educators

  • Don’t out LGBT students to other people without that student’s permission.

  • Know your local resources (WAF, PFLAG, AFFA, Trevor Project).

  • Apply policies equally (ie: if gay students can’t show public displays of affection, neither should the straight kids).

  • Don’t assume one’s preferred gender pronouns (he/she/zhe/hir/they) and avoid using gendered language whenever possible.

  • Advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms.

  • Whenever possible, refer to relevant LGBT examples in your lesson plans (ie: Stonewall Riots, Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde).

  • Don’t segregate your classroom based on gender.

  • Treat homophobic and transphobic bullying like sexual harassment or any other type of harassment.

  • Make it clear to your students that complaints about bullying are anonymous, and address situations when they arise.

  • Support Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) on your campus.

  • Get a Safe Zone training by contacting and become a Safe Zone Ally.