We Are Family in the Media

LGBT people have been under attack in South Carolina, and WAF was on the front lines advocating with and for our community. We worked with our youth and their families to help them develop as speakers and advocates on their own behalf. Below are media coverage we have received over the past few years.



Photo:  Brad Nettle

Charleston-area LGBTQI+ groups celebrate the opening of new community and retail space on Aug. 10

Charleston City Paper - 8/6/2019

Three Charleston-area LGBTQI community groups are joining forces for a first-of-its-kind resource center on Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston, celebrating the opening of the Equality Hub and Closet Case Thrift store on Aug. 10.

The Alliance for Full Acceptance, Charleston Pride, and We Are Family have partnered to outfit the building located at 1801 Reynolds Ave. The groups hope that having a consolidated presence will help all of them grow and increase their outreach.

First LGBTQ-dedicated hub in Lowcountry to open in North Charleston Saturday

Post and Courier - 8/5/2019

The tri-county region’s LGBTQ community will soon have a space to call its own.

The Alliance for Full Acceptance, Charleston Pride and We Are Family will host a grand opening Saturday for the Lowcountry’s first LGBTQ-dedicated office, retail and community space at 1801 Reynolds Ave. in North Charleston.



Holy City Sinner - 7/30/2019

On Saturday, August 10th, Alliance For Full Acceptance, Charleston Pride, and We Are Family will celebrate the grand opening of the first - and only - dedicated LGBTQI+ office, retail, and community space in the Lowcountry, located at 1801 Reynolds Ave., in North Charleston.

Charleston Queer Prom will take place within an enchanted rainbow forest

Post And Courier - 5/6/2019

“An enchanted rainbow forest is the setting for this year’s Charleston Queer Prom.

The annual event organized by We Are Family and Closet Case Thrift offers a safe space for middle and high school members of the LGBTQ community to dance to their hearts’ content without judgment.” 

Photo:  Ruta Smith

Photo: Ruta Smith

We Are Family will open new office, move out of All of Us homeless center in January

Charleston City Paper - 11/13/2018

“We Are Family will move out of the homeless resource center it helped open this past summer and into a stand-alone office in January.

The exact location of the new office will be revealed at a fundraiser for the LGBTQ youth organization next month, according to a press release sent Tuesday.”


24-year-old Nijeeah Richardson set to take over leadership of the LGBTQ nonprofit We Are Family 

Charleston City Paper - 8/24/2018

Richardson will take over as executive director in January 2019.

"I know that Melissa always wanted to transition of We Are Family as executive director and pass the torch to younger generation of activists and community leaders, and I’m just honored that I’m the person," Richardson said.

Moving Forward for LGBTQ Rights, Not Just Fighting Back

REWIRE NEWS - 4/12/2016

“To advance true equality, activists need to do more than just fight back. We need to have a more proactive vision for what equality even looks like. That vision encompasses the broad spectrum of human rights abuses, and it centers those whose voices are often left out and who are harmed most by anti-LGBTQ laws and inequality: young people, people of color, and the transgender community.”

Photo:  Dustin Waters

Lowcountry school boards face school closings and transgender debate


“Having spoken before the Berkeley County School Board, Melissa Moore, executive director of LGBTQ nonprofit We Are Family, applauded the Department of Education's announcement and encouraged local and state educators to comply with these guidelines.

"Finally, the struggles faced by transgender and gender non-conforming youth are getting the attention that they deserve. It is transgender people who are more often the targets of harassment and sexual assault, not the other way around," she said.”

Transgender students face challenges from Columbia and in the classroom


“Unlike many districts, Charleston County has a policy in place that specifically protects students from bullying based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. In 2014, local LGBT advocacy groups We Are Family and the Alliance for Full Acceptance worked with faculty and staff in the district to inform educators about the issues faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students across the county.”

Illustration:  Dalton Pencarinha

Illustration: Dalton Pencarinha

Local LGBT students are forced to look outside of the classroom for guidance 

Charleston City Paper, 10/3/16

“With little guidance in the classroom, Frank has turned to after-school groups like Spectrum and We Are Family to learn more about the LGBT community and have open discussions about their personal experiences. In Spectrum, Frank has learned about LGBT history, safe-sex practices, and the best way to talk to those of different genders. As a parent, Frank's mother Melanie sees the lack of instruction provided to LGBT students as a matter of safety, but also one of respect.”

Senator Larry Grooms

Senator Larry Grooms

Berkeley County schools bathroom bill stalls in Senate, for now

ABC4NEWS, 5/19/16

“Grooms said transgender students should continue to use faculty bathrooms with their school's permission. Melissa Moore, LGBT advocate and Executive Director of We are Family said reversing the district's decision is taking a step back.

"It really isn't an issue," said Moore. ‘They're making a problem where there really isn't a problem.’”

A Berkeley County School Board meeting on May 10. (WCIV file)

A Berkeley County School Board meeting on May 10. (WCIV file)

Senators want to reverse Berkeley County Schools' decision on transgender bathroom use

ABC4NEWS, 5/18/16

“Citing Sen. Lee Bright's failed attempt at a statewide bathroom bill, Melissa Moore, the executive director of We Are Family, called the new bill "another baseless attack on transgender people."

"This time lawmakers are going after young people by pushing a bill that specifically withholds fair and appropriate accommodations for transgender students in Berkeley County," Moore said.”